Programming has always been my passion. I've been working mostly on .NET technologies (ASP.NET WebForms & MVC, WCF, WPF), Objective-C (iOS development), JavaScript (jQuery, KnockoutJS, Angular) and PHP (Zend Framework, CakePHP). I pay a lot of attention on application quality, performance, maintainability and security as I want to always deliver the highest quality work.


I have designed architecture for many different types of software including custom customer relationship manager (CRM), various content management systems (CMS), systems integrations and mobile applications. I like to present modern solutions to the customers that will satisfy their needs and will result in a software that's easy to use yet is working efficiently and doesn't require a lot of maintenance.


I have been team leading and managing a team of 20+ developers. My duties included assigning people to projects, recruitment, financial and resourcing forecasting, maintaining the relationships within the department and with the customers. I've finished post-graduate studies in management and I had a professional coach to be a better manager both for the company and the team.